Rooted in southwest Germany and on the international market for years, they have become one of the technologically leading producers of laying system for tiles and natural stones as well as general construction chemistry. Kiesel is responsible for multiple improvement and set the bar for other companies to respect the environment.

"Kiesel Key to quality installation" - their motto not only captures the production of adhesive, primers, leveling compounds and sealing systems; it also captures their obligation to emphasize closeness to their customers, service and consultation.

Kiesel Bauchemie started in 1959 as a putty factory and has now had close ties with the construction industry for more than 50 years. The company now employs more than 180 people under the management of Wolfgang Kiesel and his daughter Beatrice Kiesel. The company's core expertise is in the development and manufacture of fillers, dispersion adhesives for laying flexible and textile floor coverings, laying material for parquet flooring and the development of fine mortar for laying ceramic tiles, plates and natural stone - always with the goal of creating innovative products that provide people with a healthy, homely and visually appealing living environment.

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Kiesel products

Servoplan P200 plus

Cement bonded, acrylic polymer enhanced, fast drying, self-leveling compound for concrete based subfloors up to 30 mm thickness in one pour. Servoplan P 200 Plus is suitable as a subfloor for installation of: ceramic, natural stone, textile and parquet/hardwood floor coverings.

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Ideal for horizontal and vertical angles treatment. Sticks very easily. Primary Okatmos® UG 30 installation required for optimal results.

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Trio SuperTec

Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec-schnell is especially formulated to provide full mortar transfer to avoid air entrapments between mortar and covering without the disadvantage of floating bed mortar billowing through joints.

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Okatmos UG30

Solvent-free, acrylic based primer with aggregates providing excellent bonding characteristics.Okatmos® UG 30 will bond and adhere to absorbent and non-absorbent substrates before interior leveling work or tile and natural stone installations.

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Tile adhesive and deformable improved type C2 TE S1 , normal setting , applicable until 15 mm, thick consistency and enjoying optimum rheology. Suitable for installation of medium and large formats as well as porcelain stoneware, very low porosity.

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Servoperl Royal

High-strength, specialty cement-based grout for joint widths from 1-10 mm. Due to a highly dense mortar structure, this cement-based grout provides particular characteristics regarding its mechanical durability and abrasion resistance.

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Okamul DF

Ready to use, solvent-free, flexible waterproofing and crack isolation membrane system for substrates in moist and wet areas under ceramic tile on interior walls and floors ideal for any type of shower or bathtubs.

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