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Quartz counters

Samsung countertops

Quartz counters

Samsung countertops

Quartz counters

Samsung countertops

Another innovative product from Samsung

Driven by the enduring Samsung ethos of improving peoples' lives, Samsung Radianz quartz countertops are a typical example of the company's approach: it combines the beauty of the natural world with scientific insight and engineering. The result is another highly advanced “user friendly”, low maintenance Samsung product that delights for years, while meeting all practical considerations.

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Advantages of natural quartz Samsung Radianz™


The natural quartz Radianz™ surfaces are designed in colors and patterns that inspire creativity. The production process provides consistent and uniform color so that selections can be easily made ​​by simply viewing samples rather than individual tiles.

Eco-friendly materials

We bring together outstanding products and eco-friendly technologies to make the world better and cleaner. We put environmental management into practice by using advanced eco-friendly technologies, and share our environmental values with our stakeholders.

Low maintenance

Samsung Radianz quartz surfaces are made from high quality raw materials, meaning they will require very little maintenance in order to stay as pristine as the day they were bought. However, we believe that our customers are entitled to quality assurance and absolute peace of mind, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on residential installations.


The commercial limited 10 year warranty applies to Radianz™ products installed in a commercial facility. Concerning residential installation of Radianz™ natural quartz products, Samsung's 15 years warranty is unbeatable and will keep your mind at ease. For more informations about Samsung's warranties , ask your local Radianz™ distributor or installator.